Friday 30 September 2016

Thomas Shrubsole & Craig Tattersall - Limited 3xMC Art Edition - Pre-order now from Local Studies

Thomas Shrubsole & Craig Tattersall

New Release

3 X MC Art Edition

on Local Studies

Limited to 50 Hand-numbered copies.

Each set, designed and packaged with exclusive artwork by both artists, features, as well as the three coloured and professionally dubbed tapes (blue, red and green): a double-sided screen-printed greyboard insert, a hand finished postcard, a double-sided A3 poster, a set of glitch-manipulated print inserts and a free download code for the album, all contained in a Local Studies card document wallet fastened with two elastic bands.


Ships April 2nd 2015

For their latest release Shrubsole and Tattersall present as an Art Edition on their newly minted Local Studies imprint their second collaborative release as a duo. Coming after last summer’s confounding (to some) and delightful (to others. Possibly also a bit of both for yet others) untitled analogue fug-out debut, this is a 3 x MC (C44, C70 and C56) set to get lost in, with over two and a half hours of music in total.

Based once more on live improvisation, intuitive actions and hands-on manipulations and squashed directly onto tape, the backbone of these works was recorded (locally, naturally) in Shrubsole’s home studio in Sale, deep in the suburbs of Greater Manchester, in an epic 12 hour session initiated on the night of the 2013 winter solstice.  Further disorientations and elisions were interpolated and admixed throughout the following spring and summer months.

All music was telepathically dubbed by trained professionals in outer Stockport into colour coded spool-holders for convenient exploratory audio sessions and frequency encounters.  

Press play and you will encounter a hazy daze of tape fuzz combination, as in focus and concrete as the end of your fingers. Tactile hiss, a tangible dream which leaves traces of oxides on your fingertips on awakening. In a free associating organic melange, dream logic with the presence of the small hours or quiet afternoons stretching out in trifurcate possibility. Temporal, temporary, contingent, with an immediacy borne of live actions (if action isn’t too agitated a description for these unfolding tapescapes)

Detourned by hand, outsider techniques are deployed in tropical quotidian combinations recorded at tree-top and ground level with the duo’s tried and tested expedient domestic recording strategies. Strategies allowing, of course, for the accumulation of arcane and obscure audio hardware furnishing these rented rooms. The action of time, the circulation of air in a room through a cracked pane, elements of 21st century living, other streams of consciousness, collision, combination…The duo invite you into a pleasantly polychromatic confusion of the senses that makes a subtle and increasingly simple sense, drawing together naturally divergent time-streams of bedroom-schooled musical auto-didacts gleaned through years of listening.

A dash of 1930s spy novels, second-hand treasure, ferric foment and a trilogy of new, unexpected tales are deployed in an assemblage of intuitive and art-honed imaginational strategy.
While peeling wallpaper becomes diaphanous topographical map for new sound possibilities while dawn breaks first light windows east, dubbed trumpets lazily snakes afternoon above slumbering and simmering slate rooftops. Tape connects with heads: speculative frictions.

Sets cost  £25.00 each.

Postage & Packing is an additional £1.70 in the UK, £4.15 in Europe and £5.20 for the rest of the world (US, JP, AUS etc.) tracked options are also available on request.

All copies now sold.

To be put on a mailing list for future editions or for any other enquiries please direct mail to: localstudiesunit (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk 

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